Figure Four Leg Lock

figure4 leglock

Mia vs. Cheryl Rusa / Double Trouble Wrestling

In many ways, the figure four leglock is actually a fantasy move. The reason I say this is due to the fact it is rarely seen in actual wrestling matches because of its complexity. Application of the figure four is a very time consuming procedure, and is next to impossible to implement if the victim has any level of coherence. However, once applied it is possibly the most painful hold in wrestling, usually achieving an instant submission. Basically the figure four targets the lower leg (shin) of one leg, as well as the knee of the other. The attacker starts the hold with the intended victim lying on her/his back. Then the victim's legs are positioned in a "4" position with the lower leg positioned across the top of the knee. The attacker secures the victim's legs in this position by locking his/her leg over top of the victim's limb just below the knee, while placing a foot under the victim's upper thigh. Next the attacker's free leg is placed over the victim's ankle, completing the hold. By forcing down with his/her legs, the attacker puts tremendous force on the victim's knee by attempting to bend it in the opposite direction. At the same time, the victim's shin is also being forced to bend, causing further pain.

Again, we at Pain & Passion cannot stress enough the danger of injury this hold can inflict. It should only be attempted under the supervision of an experienced trainer, and even then be used with extreme caution.

Ways out:
Several counter measures are possible, but are very limited in effectiveness. One way to counter the move is attempting to role the attacker over onto his/her belly, thus removing some of the leverage. The other method is to actually launch an offensive in an attempt to get the attacker to release the hold. These counters must be executed immediately as the pain is excruciating and instantaneous, causing the victim to succumb to the pain almost instantly.